Birch Chemicals has worked with packaging supplier, Kite, to reduce its plastic usage by 6.8 tonnes every year.  The rubber, plastics and coating additives manufacturer made the changes in support of a challenge set by Kite.

Kite is aiming to reduce plastic usage by itself and its customers by 120 tonnes by the end of this year.

It teamed-up with Birch Chemicals to carry out a stretch wrap audit on site its Lincolnshire with one of Kite’s Load Retention Specialists.

The result was the implementation of a brand new stronger, more efficient and thinner film applied in conjunction with one of Kite’s state-of-the-art Robopac wrapping machines.

This will save the equivalent of 566,667 plastic bottles in packaging and reduce CO2 emissions by the equivalent of taking seven family sized diesel cars off the road.

Steve Foster, Birch Chemicals Managing Director, said: “As a responsible business, we are keen to support sustainable solutions that will help protect the environment today and for the future.

“We were therefore delighted to work with Kite as part of their ongoing challenge and together we have come up with new packaging which is not only greener but more cost effective too.”

Birch Chemicals is best known for its high-performance Innovox® range of calcium oxide desiccants, used in a variety of applications, including EPDM rubber products, which are used in car and aeroplane manufacture.

Innovox is part of a range sold worldwide through distribution partners, and is a premium product which delivers excellent performance, consistency and availability.

It also manufactures Innovoh®, a cure activator for FKM rubbers, which gives best in class performance for dispersion and cross-link density, making it the number one choice for FKM.

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