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Formulating the future

Class-Leading Porosity & Moisture Control Solutions

Birch Chemicals provide innovative products for sectors including rubber, plastic, adhesives, coatings and shipping.


Formulating The Future

Market-Leading Products

Stop Losing Money On Damaged Goods

Increase profits and protect your goods from damage due to container rain. Use BirchSorb Hyperdesiccant - the most effective solution available.

Innovative Chemical Solutions Proven Market Leader in Independent Tests

We have partnered with some of the biggest names in testing to independently assess our products performance. Companies like Artis and ACE Products & Consulting verify that our products work better than the competition. Ask for a copy of our technical reports and see for yourselves.

Rubber and Elastomers

Rubber and Elastomers

Calcium oxide desiccants for rubber-based compounds

Eradicate moisture with Innovox, our market-leading range of microfine calcium oxide powders. Use up to 20% less product to eliminate porosity and blisters, control acidity, and significantly improve strength and curing in both natural and synthetic rubber-based compounds.

Moisture Control

Moisture Control

Prevent Container Rain for shipping 

Birchsorb hyperdessicant will protect your cargo from damage by container rain.  Our patented Birchsorb technology locks away moisture, preventing re-release during the voyage.

Plastics and Polymers

Plastics and Polymers

Calcium oxide desiccants for plastics

Use up to 20% less product with Masterox, our powerful range of microfine calcium oxide powders. Prevent corrosion, reduce moisture and improve substrate adhesion for plastisol-coated parts and polymers. 

Adhesives and Coatings

Adhesives and Coatings

New Additives for Adhesives and Coatings

New Additives for Adhesives and Coatings Birchcure is formulated to improve adhesive rheology and Birchcoat gives enhanced matting, surface hardness and acidity control in coatings.

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Innovative Product

World-Class Results

World-Class Results

For 20 years we’ve been creating industry-leading microfine calcium oxide desiccants and calcium hydroxide curing agents for the rubber, plastics and powder coating industries.

As market-leading experts with distributors worldwide, we’re believers in constant innovation. That’s why the Birch Chemicals range is the purest available, uniquely tailored to suit the rubber and plastics markets.

Created in the UK, Delivered Worldwide

We produce and refine all of our raw materials on site, allowing us to consistently deliver the unbeatable quality and rapid lead times our customers have come to expect from us over the decades. And thanks to our global distribution network, we support chemical plants all over the world.

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Global Support

Birch Chemicals works with a range of specialist distribution partners to give unparalleled global service and supply, whatever your requirement. Our distributors can speak your language, literally. If you want to talk rubber or plastics, coatings or adhesives then get in touch.

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Our Innovation Centres

Birch Chemicals. Formulating the Future.

Our Innovation Centre

We're involved in every step of the research and manufacturing process with our products. That's why our state-of-the-art innovation centre is an essential part of what makes Birch Chemicals so unique.

From robust testing and quality control to ensure we’re delivering our signature quality to our trailblazing new product development, our North Lincolnshire innovation centre continues to forge industry-leading new solutions.


Innovox® Calcium Oxides


Innovoh® Calcium Hydroxides


Could You Win More Customers If You Didn’t Have Porosity Issues With Your Mix?