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For caravan owners, sellers and caravan parks, winter is the most dangerous time of the year. With winter comes damp – more than a small annoyance.

Damp causes mould, mildew, rust to metal parts and rot to wooden parts, with repair costs having the potential to rack up into triple or even quadruple digits. For caravans, damp is dangerous.

Prevention is better than cure, so the process of winterisation for caravans focuses heavily on prevention of damp.

Identifying damp is essential. There are some obvious indicators – mildew smells, wet surfaces, and visible mould. However, there are also more subtle signs.

Recent studies have found that during winter, caravans can contain up to half a kilo of moisture – and the only surefire solutions are expensive heaters and dehumidifiers or hyperdesiccants.

Here at Birch Chemicals, we are seeing more and more caravan and motorhome owners asking about BirchSorb® – which not only absorbs moisture but “locks it in”, preventing the chance of future re-release.

Designed and formulated by our moisture control experts, BirchSorb® is ten times more effective than silica gel. In fact, while silica gel is only able to absorb up to 27% of its own weight in moisture, BirchSorb® is capable of absorbing up to 300% of its own weight – and preventing moisture for up to 12 weeks.

Winter may be coming – but using just two or three small strips of BirchSorb® hyperdesiccant™ means that you could save thousands of pounds worth of damage.

BirchSorb® is available worldwide from the BirchSorb® online store and global distribution network.

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