As the industry’s leading provider of moisture control for rubber, plastic and adhesives, we’ve created the most innovative and powerful desiccants on the market. But why is moisture control so essential when it comes to manufacturing rubber ?

Our Innovox® desiccants use calcium oxide – produced and refined on-site by our specialists – which acts as a moisture scavenger in rubber compounding. When used this way, Innovox® desiccants provide a number of benefits, including:

  • Moisture absorption
  • Porosity elimination, to produce stronger rubber and less quality control defects
  • Acid scavenging, which reduces corrosion on metal parts, such as moulds or bonded metal
  • Greater durability

Because Innovox® removes moisture in the compound, which originates from humidity in the air as well as moisture in fillers, it effectively eliminates all of the issues that come with moisture. Able to absorb a significantly greater amount of moisture compared to many other desiccant chemicals, Innovox® is highly effective – even in small doses.

Innovox® is available as a powder or granule to suit all mixer types.

Find out more about our  Innovox desiccantsInnovox and Innovox MG.

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