When it comes to shipping journeys, one of the biggest risks is moisture – and delays can turn what was once a manageable risk into a disaster.

Moisture is everywhere, even if your cargo is safely packed inside a dry container. Not only does the air itself contain moisture, but many products themselves and their packaging also contain it – and when temperature changes during a journey cause a rise in humidity, this can release that moisture, leading to what the industry calls “container rain”. Container rain is responsible for 10% of product damage per year, causing mould, destroyed packaging, ruined cargo and a variety of other problems.

However, most businesses will prepare for this eventuality, with liners, packing solutions, and moisture absorbing chemicals, such as BirchSorb, our industry-leading hyperdesiccant for shipping containers.

But while most businesses prepare for container rain during a journey, they rarely prepare for it during delays to that journey.

Most moisture control solutions are only effective for a limited period of time – and while businesses factor in the length of the journey itself when making purchasing decisions, unexpected delays are rarely considered. This means that during an unplanned delay, your cargo is often left without protection from container rain.

This is an unfortunate reality that many businesses discovered the hard way during 2021’s Suez Canal incident, which saw an estimated $400 million in the world’s goods delayed due to a vessel blocking the canal.

We took the possibility of unplanned delays into consideration when designing and formulating BirchSorb. Unlike many other desiccants and moisture control solutions, BirchSorb is effective for up to 12 weeks – and capable of absorbing three times its own weight in moisture. That’s 10 times more effective than silica gel and twice as effective as most calcium chloride products.

Get in touch with us now to order BirchSorb – available worldwide via our supplier network or from us directly.

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