Birch Chemicals is continuing our green journey as we begin to replace petrochemical oil additives with plant-derived alternatives in all of our product ranges.

For Birch Chemicals customers and distributors, the change will be unnoticeable, with our current tests and trials ensuring that all replacement additives deliver a performance equal or greater to petrochemical oil.

However, the change means that we continue to live up to the iSO 14001:2004 standard we’ve been accredited to since 2001, with consistent steps towards more sustainable business practices as part of our corporate social responsibility.

According to BP’s Statistical Review of World Energy 2016, the world has approximately 50 years of oil remaining – but plant-derived replacements provide a promising alternative. In addition to being more sustainable, vegetable oil is less toxic than petrochemical oil, with a higher flash point (reducing the risk of accidental ignition).

While protecting the planet is important to us, ensuring a continued high-quality performance for our customers is important too – that’s why we’ve run a wide variety of trials to make sure the new alternatives can be used without drops in performance, negative changes to shelf life and no changes to the customer journey.

We are currently planning to add these new products to our ranger from July 2021. Our existing product range will still be available, if you wish to purchase it, as we make the transition over the next 12 months- watch this space for updates.

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