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Shipping Delays Increase to 75 Days – Here’s How to Protect Your Cargo From Container Rain

Shipping companies are seeing record wait times… but there’s a solution to protect your valuable cargo from irreparable damage.

The Covid-19 pandemic has eroded profits from industries of all types all over the world – and according to MarineTraffic, the shipping industry is no exception.

Record congestion at ports worldwide means that containers are currently being held for upwards of five times longer than usual, with delays meaning that product is being damaged and destroyed during the unprecedented wait times.

Humidity and temperature changes during shipping create “container rain”, which causes mould, corrosion, peeling and damage to products and packaging.

With suppliers stating that shipping by ocean is taking longer due to the pandemic – from an average of 20 to 30 days to an average of 60 to 75 days, according to CNBC – product damage is becoming more frequent and more severe.

However, while long delays are causing a multitude of problems for shipping companies, damage to products during the route and wait can be avoided with moisture control products designed for shipping routes.

According to freight insurers, 10% of goods transported by containers are discarded every year due to irreparable damage caused by container rain, resulting in lost income, order delays and damaged reputations.

BirchSorb Moisture Control Lasts Four Times Longer

While traditional moisture control is unable to last for the entire duration of a long shipping journey, our unique hyperdesiccant BirchSorb has been tested by independent labs and designed specifically for shipping routes lasting up to 12 weeks (or 85 days), while absorbing a powerful three times its own weight in moisture.

Steve Foster, Birch Chemicals’ Global Business Development Director, says, “We’ve long been innovators in moisture control for a variety of different industries. BirchSorb is the latest in our pioneering moisture control technology, fulfilling a much-needed role in the shipping industry.”

More effective than Silica Gel, Desiccated Clay or Calcium Chloride, lasting for as much as four weeks longer, BirchSorb is designed to ensure products stay dry for the entire route – even when delays happen.

BirchSorb is available worldwide via our global supplier network.

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