The Covid-19 pandemic has had a serious effect on shipping and supply chain delays for manufacturers across a variety of industries – including rubber and plastics.

However, according to Rubber and Plastics News, rubber manufacturers are trying new options to adjust to the short-term shortage of materials caused by the delays, such as working with different suppliers to get the ingredients they need. However, this poses a new problem: these adjustments require additional testing to make sure that the products made still meet compliance demands.

Birch Chemicals, with an integrated supply chain, has been able to withstand many of the delays caused by the pandemic, and continues to ensure its products – such as moisture control solutions for rubber and plastic Innovox, Innovoh and BirchSet – are already independently tested by companies like Ace Rubber Products and Consulting.

Ace, which provides chemical and physical testing for rubber compounds, has seen an increase in business as rubber manufacturers try to ensure that products made with replacement ingredients are still up to standard.

“With polymers we are seeing the effect across the board, especially for our customers,” CEO of Ace Rubber Products and Consulting, Eric Sharp, said to Rubber and Plastics News. “We are being exposed to this through our customers, where our customers urgently need to get another supplier through and verified. We are seeing a lot of those approval requests come through.”

As more countries continue to vaccinate their populations, there seems to be an end to the pandemic on the horizon – but time will tell when the shipping and supply chain delays abate.

In the meantime, rubber and plastic manufacturers continue to find ways around the delays to continue to meet demand. If your business is experiencing supply chain disruptions, get in touch with the Birch Chemicals team to find out how we can support you.

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