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The plastics industry now accounts for an estimated 432 billion dollars in shipments. according to the annual 2020 Size & Impact Report from the Plastics Industry Association.

The US’s plastics industry employs over a million workers, and has grown to an estimated 1.5 million shipments per year, according to the report.

“Plastic is one of the most advanced and useful materials humanity ever created, contributing to longer, healthier and better lives for people around the globe,” said Tony Radoszewski, President and CEO of the Plastics Industry Association.

The 2020 Size & Report analyses the plastics industry’s employment, shipment and forecasts for the future. It also covers the effects of Covid-19 on the industry, with economist Perc Pineda saying that while the pandemic has had an effect on the industry, it remains strong in the face of Covid-19.

“Plastics are vital, and in 2019, 79 % of plastics products were used in some sort of personal consumption… toys, utensils, detergent bottles, motor vehicles, refrigerators, and more,” says Pineda.

“Plastics for consumer essentials like food packaging, personal, and healthcare, will continue to see healthy demand.”

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