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World-Leading Solutions for Plastics and Nylons

We’ve worked closely with plastics and nylons manufacturers for over 20 years to provide world-leading solutions for moisture control. Our deep market and application knowledge, expert team, and global network of distribution partners have helped us become one of the world's leading global providers for moisture control solutions.

We work with some of the biggest names in the industry

We're partnered with universities, external testing consultants and some of the industry's biggest names to create industry-leading moisture control solutions.

Our unique solutions control moisture without heating, using less energy and giving faster high-quality results, without extrusion blow-out, surface defects, or blemishes. And thanks to the high speed of our solutions, drying times are significantly reduced, boosting production capability.

Birchsorb is long lasting and hyper efficient
Birchsorb outperforms its competitors

We’re on hand to help with formulation and product advice

Not sure what the right product for your needs is? Our experts are on hand to help with questions, queries, product use advice and technical support. We provide bespoke moisture control for plastics and nylons too - get in touch with our Innovation team and we'll design the ideal formulation, specifically tailored for your needs.

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