Protecting in transit

Moisture control

Whether you’re packing and packaging big or small, it’s important to keep your cargo protected against moisture when it’s on the move. BirchSorb® is a world exclusive powerful absorber, designed for maximum effectiveness in different industry packaging scenarios.

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What does BirchSorb® do?

BirchSorb®’s innovative and world exclusive blend of chemicals ‘locks in’ moisture and sets it into a solid form. The formula’s controlled absorption rate is capable of handling three times its own weight in moisture and lasts for up to 8 weeks.

Perfect for packaging

BirchSorb® offers the ultimate performance and protection against moisture when packaging up goods for shipping. Whatever the size and whatever the scenario, there is a BirchSorb® product to meet your needs.

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We work with our specialist distribution partners to offer unparalleled service and supply globally, whatever your requirement. If you want to talk rubber or plastics, coatings or adhesives just get in touch. Our distributors can speak your language - literally.

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