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W Singleton Birch and Sons is established by founder William Singleton Birch for quarrying and supplying chalk to the UK’s industries.

W Singleton Birch and Sons is established by founder William Singleton Birch for quarrying and supplying chalk to the UK’s industries.

William’s two sons, Arthur and Henry, become partners. After seeing an unprecedented amount of success, the business is registered as a Limited company (Registration Number 9433) on 19th April.

Lionel Martin, William’s grandson, becomes a director of the company. Lionel is able to use income from Singleton Birch to found the legendary Aston-Martin car company, making British history.

Following the passing of Lionel’s wife, Katherine, the majority of shares in the company are left in trust for the benefit of the NSPCC, RSPCA and Barnardos. Today these charities still receive financial support from Singleton Birch in the form of dividends.

Shaft lime kilns are introduced at Melton Ross Works in Lincolnshire, with the company’s first slaking plant commissioned shortly after in 1964, producing high calcium hydrated lime powder.

Three new calcimatic shaft lime kilns are constructed, producing high-quality lime more quickly and efficiently. Following the construction, the company continues to expand

More expansion occurs and leads to the construction of three high-capacity Maerz kilns, cutting emissions and reducing costs thanks to the kilns’ high-efficiency design and technology.

A second hydrating plant is installed, increasing the company’s ability to produce high-quality hydrated lime powder for an ever-growing list of clients and customers worldwide. The company is also registered to BS5750, reflecting its commitment to quality assurance.

A fourth Maerz kiln is constructed, increasing efficiency - without sacrificing the high-quality results customers have come to expect from the company and its products.

After Innovo Chemicals Limited is formed in Cranleigh, Surrey, Singleton Birch begins to supply high-quality calcium oxide, mined and produced at Melton Ross.

Innovo relocates to Singleton Birch’s Lincolnshire headquarters in July and is acquired by Singleton Birch in September, broadening the diverse range of products available worldwide from Singleton Birch.

Innovo is registered to ISO 9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 standards, having been recognised for its high quality assurance, environmental and health and safety procedures and performance.

The company invests in fully automatic sacheting equipment, reflecting its commitment to constantly improving not just the wide range of products on offer, but the overall customer experience.

Singleton Birch celebrates 200 years in business, having evolved from a small family business to an industry leader with customers all over the world.

Innovo rebrands as Birch Chemicals, with a new logo and a new look to match.

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