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Masterox® R Desiccant Masterbatch Granules

Use less product for more results with our industry-leading desiccant masterbatch granules, Masterox®.

Masterox® R Desiccant Masterbatch Granules

Our industry-leading desiccant for plastics, polymers and nylons is now available in easy-to- use masterbatch granule form. Ideal for reducing streaking, extrusion breakout and surface defects caused by moisture and humidity, Masterox® R is quick, high-quality and works without dust for safer, cleaner mixing.

Created from ultrafine calcium oxide produced on-site by our expert team, Masterox® R has a high surface area that means significantly reduced addition levels and vastly improved dispersion for high-quality results.

With a variety of products formulated for a diverse range of applications, Masterox® R is ideally suited for plastisols, bio-polymers, coated fabrics, polymer recycling and nylon recycling.


Masterox R Leaflet

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Masterox® R

Masterox R is a specially formulated desiccant masterbatch, consisting of ultra-fine particles of calcium oxide bound in a polymer granule, which gives excellent mixing and dispersion characteristics.

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With a variety of products formulated for a diverse range of applications, Masterox® R is ideally suited for plastic desiccant masterbatches, plastisols, bio-polymers, coated fabrics, polymer recycling and nylon recycling.

Masterox Range

Ultrafine Desiccant Powders

The Masterox® Advantage


Dust-free mixing and dispersion


Eliminate extrusion breakout during formation


Reduce addition and holding levels thanks to a wide surface area


Industry-leading purity for powerful performance


Improve compound curing and strength

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