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Masterox® Desiccant Powder

Use less product for more results with our industry-leading microfine desiccant powder range, Masterox ® .

Masterox® Desiccant Powder Range

Plastic, polymer and nylon manufacturers and recyclers worldwide use Masterox ® to reduce streaking, extrusion breakout and surface defects caused by moisture. And thanks to Masterox®’s wide surface area and high-quality results, it’s the perfect choice to reduce energy costs associated with drying, increasing production throughout.

Created from ultrafine calcium oxide produced and refined on-site by our formulation experts, Masterox®’s high surface area and market-leading purity means significantly reduced addition levels, superior dispersion and consistently high-quality product performance - every time.


Masterox Leaflet

Innovox MG


Masterox is specially formulated desiccant, consisting of ultra-fine particles of calcium oxide treated with dispersing agent, which gives excellent mixing and dispersion characteristics.

Choose the Right Product for You

With a variety of products formulated for a diverse range of applications, the Masterox® range is ideal for plastic desiccant masterbatches, plastisols, bio-polymers, coated fabrics, polymer recycling and nylon recycling.

From our superfine moisture control Masterox® 10 to our industry-leading masterbatch and more, the Masterox® range is formulated for easy addition, consistently high performance and superior results.

Plastic desiccant masterbatch ∙ Plastisols ∙ Bio-polymers ∙ Coated fabrics ∙ Polymer recycling ∙
Nylon 66 ∙ Nylon recycling

Masterox® 10

Superfine moisture control ideal for thin film plastics and pleather

Masterox® 90

Very fine powder, perfectly suited for extruded or moulded plastics and plastic

Masterox® P

fine powder bound with plasticiser oil for thin film plastics and pleather

Masterox R Range

Desiccant Masterbatch Granules

The Masterox® R Advantage

Masterox has been used for over 20 years by some of the biggest names in polymer manufacturing


Microfine powders mean easy addition and dispersion


Eliminate extrusion breakout during formation


High surface area, allowing reduction of addition levels


Industry-leading purity superior performance levels


Improve compound curing and strength

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