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Innovox® MG Calcium Oxide

Innovox® MG Calcium Oxide

Innovox MG MicroGranules are our answer to porosity control and blistering prevention, in easy-to-use granule form

Innovox MG combines ultrafine calcium oxide, produced and refined on-site by our formulation experts, along with proprietary additives for easier mixing and dispersion. Designed to eliminate surface blistering and porosity, and neutralise acid, Innovox MG’s crowning achievement is that it is dust free, thanks to its granule form - making it ideal for all mixer systems.

Thanks to its high surface area, Innovox MG does more for less, removing more moisture and neutralising more acid, leaving a high-quality finished product without specks or lumps. And because it’s adaptable, there’s no need for reformulation - simply add it to the mix and go.

Innovox MG Leaflet

BCTROX 0004 Innovox MG vs Kezadol

The Innovox® MG Advantage

Product Description

Innovox MG MicroGranules are powerful desiccants that can alleviate problems such as porosity or surface blisters, which develop during the processing of elastomeric compounds. These problems arise due to the presence of moisture.

Main Applications

Use less, thanks to Innovox MG’s high surface area

No dust - perfect for all mixer systems

High-purity calcium oxide produced on site

Adaptable, with no need for reformulation

Available immediately through our global network

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