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Innovoh® Ultrafine Calcium Hydroxides

Innovoh® ultrafine calcium hydroxides are the market leading cure activator and acid scavenging solutions for fluoroelastomers.

Market Leading Cure Activator and Acid Scavenging Solutions

We produce and refine all of our raw materials on site, giving us exceptional control over the quality of our final product.

Innovoh® helps compounders to save money, reduce quality failures and increase production output. That’s why it has become the standard for the world’s leading FKM fluoroelastomer producers.

Our commitment to constant innovation means that we’ve made constant improvements to the Innovoh ® formula, making it the powerful but easy-to-use solution it is today.


Comparison of Innovoh and Competitor Material in FKM

Renowned rubber consultants and test house Artis tested Innovoh against two of the best known competitors. Innovoh performs best overall, with significantly higher cross link density and much better dispersion. Download our technical report and see for yourself.

The Right Product for You

All Innovoh ® products can be supplied in low melt EVA sachets or HDPE pouches.


All Innovoh® products can be supplied in low melt EVA sachets for controlled weight addition straight into the mixer.



All Innovoh ® products can be supplied in HDPE long life resealable pouches which give twice the shelf life of competitor products and can be recycled.


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The Innovoh® Advantage

Innovox calcium hydroxides are specially formulated to provide optimum performance in FKM fluoroelastomers.


Easy addition


Excellent dispersion


Improved compound curing


Improves crosslink density


Improves strength

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