Damp is a major concern for boats and yachts – it can cause mould, mildew, rust to metal parts and boat-killing rot to wooden parts.

However, for boats, damp is difficult to avoid. Boats, after all, live on the water. Humidity and moisture, which cause damp, live all around boats. With this in mind, how do you protect your boat from damp – particularly during the winter months, when damp is at its peak?

The first and most obvious way to stop water from entering your boat is with a boat covering. Coverings also reduce airflow, which is an important part of making sure damp has less of an opportunity to travel through moisture in the air.

Proper ventilation – opening cupboards and doors – will also prevent stale, humid air from being trapped, cutting down on mould.

However, just maximising airflow and ventilation is usually not enough on its own to prevent damp. When it comes to protecting boats and yachts from damp, desiccant sachets are the gold standard. Desiccants – packets made of moisture-absorbing substances – come in a variety of forms, but traditionally, boat owners have used silica gel or calcium chloride sachets.

Increasingly here at Birch Chemicals we are being contacted by boat and yacht owners looking for more effective desiccants, capable of preventing damp for longer.

Our hyperdesiccant, BirchSorb®, is capable of doing more than simply absorbing moisture. BirchSorb® has been formulated to “lock in” moisture, preventing the chance of re-release into the air at a later date.

BirchSorb® is also more effective than many other desiccants – in fact, it’s ten times as effective as silica gel, the most commonly used desiccant among boat owners. Whereas silica gel can only absorb up to 27% of its own weight in moisture, whereas BirchSorb® is actually capable of absorbing up to 300% its own weight, preventing moisture for up to 12 weeks

Using just two or three small strips of BirchSorb® hyperdesiccant means that  you could save your boat from thousands of pounds worth of damage. BirchSorb® is available worldwide from the BirchSorb online store and global distribution network.

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