Absolute control

drying and keeping moisture free

Masterox’s premium formulation, with a large surface area and market-leading purity, significantly reduces addition levels whilst offering excellent mixing and dispersion characteristics. Gain control and get consistent reduction of streaking, extrusion breakout and surface defects caused by moisture.

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The Masterox® difference

With a suite of high-performance products to cover all needs, our innovative formulations equal world class results. The Masterox masterbatch granule range from Birch Chemicals.

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BirchSorb® for Cargo

BirchSorb offers maximum protection against container rain and other moisture issues, whatever you’re shipping. Our exclusive hyperdesiccant absorber works for a minimum of eight weeks and locks in at least 200% of its own weight.

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BirchSorb® for Packaging

Maximum moisture protection whether you’re shipping big or small. BirchSorb offers a range of silica gel sizes for the packing and packaging industries.

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BirchSorb® for Leisure

BirchSorb offers perfect moisture protection for motorhomes, campervans and caravans plus other types of leisure vehicle. It works for a minimum of eight weeks and locks in at least 200% of its own weight. It’s also great as a dehumidifier for the home and workplace.

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We work with our specialist distribution partners to offer unparalleled service and supply globally, whatever your requirement. If you want to talk rubber or plastics, coatings or adhesives just get in touch. Our distributors can speak your language - literally.

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