As global manufacturers of essential EPDM rubber sealing solutions for the automotive industry, Sealynx International works with household names from all over the world, including Renault, Mercedes and Peugeot.

Founded in 1929, Sealynx Inernational’s innovative products deliver high-quality performance – without sacrificing speed. Rapid prototyping and streamlined lead times are a big part of what makes Sealynx so unique – so it’s essential that the manufacturing process for its EPDM rubber is quick, easy and problem-free.

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Why Birch Chemicals?


Innovox’s powerful performance allows Sealynx International to deliver the high quality it’s known for.


Support, advice and customised bags from Birch Chemicals and supplier Safic mean that the mixing process is faster and easier.


Innovox disperses quickly into the mix – giving Sealynx International fast results without sacrificing quality.

In order to ensure its EPDM rubber is premium quality, Sealynx uses Innovox, supplied through the Birch Chemicals global network by Safic-Alcan.


As a high-purity ultrafine calcium oxide powder designed for powerful moisture and porosity control, Innovox is the perfect addition to Sealynx’s proprietary mix, delivering unbelievably consistent results on humidity rate, particle size and dispersion.

“Because Birch Chemicals supplies Innovox to us in custom bag sizes, we’re able to mix in one bag per batch without the need for individual measuring,” says Yann Fromont, Manager of Innovation at Sealyx International.

“The level of tailored support from Birch Chemicals is something that’s enabled us to refine and accelerate our mixing process without reducing quality. With Innovox, we’re able to mix 200kg of world-leading EPDM rubber within 10 minutes.”



“Innovox is different, with its high purity and easy dispersion making sure that we can deliver superior rubber quality every time.”


Fromont says it’s Innovox’s microfine purity that makes it Sealynx’s humidity control additive of choice. “We’re looking for consistently high-quality results within small lead times, but with many moisture control additives, mixing too fast means sacrificing quality. Innovox is different, with its high purity and easy dispersion making sure that we can deliver superior rubber quality every time.”



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