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Calcium Hydroxide

Calcium Hydroxide Cure Additive and Acid Scavenger Solutions

Birch Chemicals calcium hydroxide is produced on-site by reacting calcium oxide with water in tightly controlled conditions. We produce over 100,000 tonnes of calcium hydroxide per year, making us one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of calcium hydroxide cure additives and acid scavengers for the rubber and plastics industries.

We produce a wide range of calcium hydroxide cure additive products, formulated to meet the specific requirements of the rubber, plastics, coatings, sealants, and adhesives markets. Over the years we’ve adapted, refined and innovated our formulas for maximum performance - and our commitment to quality continues with our Innovation Centres.

The main function of calcium hydroxide is to neutralise acids or to promote curing or setting. Our calcium hydroxides are pure and high quality, with closely controlled sizing and exceptional reaction and dispersion characteristics - and our unique quality control system gives consistently highly rated performance in use.

Innovoh® - FKM Rubber

Product Description

Innovoh ultrafine calcium hydroxides are the market leading cure activator and acid scavenging solutions for fluoroelastomers.

Product Image

Main Applications

Application Image

Rubber seals, gaskets and moulded parts

Application Image

FKM fluoroelastomers

Application Image

Food contact


Main Benefits

World leading shelf life

Main Benefits

Exceptional crosslink density

Main Benefits

Improved acid scavenging

Main Benefits

Superb dispersion

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