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Tuesday December 14 2021

How Do You Protect a Boat from Damp During Winter?

Damp is a major concern for boats and yachts – it can cause mould, mildew, rust to metal parts and boat-killing rot to wooden parts.

Tuesday November 30 2021

Plastics Industry Grows to America’s 8th Largest

The plastics industry now accounts for an estimated 432 billion dollars in shipments. according to the annual 2020 Size & Impact Report from the Plastics Industry Association.

Wednesday November 24 2021

Winter is Coming: How to Protect Your Caravan from Damp

For caravan owners, sellers and caravan parks, winter is the most dangerous time of the year. With winter comes damp – more than a small annoyance.  Damp causes mould, mildew, rust to metal parts and rot to wooden parts, with repair costs having the potential to rack up into triple or even quadruple digits. For […]

Wednesday October 6 2021

What Kind of Cargo is Most at Risk for Moisture Damage During Shipping?

A typical shipping container may be watertight, but it is not airtight – and this means that ultimately, it is still vulnerable to moisture damage.

Wednesday September 29 2021

How Can You Protect Your Cargo from Moisture Damage During Shipping?

Each year, approximately 10% of cargo worldwide is damaged by container rain – condensation that occurs within a shipping container due to humidity or temperature changes during transit.

Friday September 24 2021

The Birch Chemicals Team is Expanding

We are pleased to announce that the Birch Chemicals team is growing once again, as we welcome new additions Ciaran Ryan and Bernadette Carr to the family.

Wednesday September 22 2021

BirchSorb vs Calcium Chloride: Which is Better for Moisture Control During Shipping?

What are downsides to using it. How does our hyperdesiccant, BirchSorb, measure up to calcium chloride as a moisture control solution for shipping?

Friday September 10 2021

You Can Now Buy Birch Chemicals Products Online

It is now easier than ever to order Birch Chemicals products like BirchSorb, with our new online store.

Wednesday September 8 2021

Why Do Shipping Delays Damage Cargo?

When it comes to shipping journeys, one of the biggest risks is moisture – and delays can turn what was once a manageable risk into a disaster.

Wednesday September 1 2021

BirchSorb vs Silica Gel

Silica gel is well-known as a basic desiccant, often used for moisture control in scenarios and applications where humidity changes can cause moisture to re-evaporate and be released into the air as vapour or water droplets.