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Friday September 10 2021

You Can Now Buy Birch Chemicals Products Online

It is now easier than ever to order Birch Chemicals products like BirchSorb, with our new online store. While our global distribution network is still available – and our team of experts are still ready to help with advice and suggestions – customers looking to quickly order their Birch Chemicals products of choice will now […]

Wednesday September 8 2021

Why Do Shipping Delays Damage Cargo?

When it comes to shipping journeys, one of the biggest risks is moisture – and delays can turn what was once a manageable risk into a disaster.

Wednesday September 1 2021

BirchSorb vs Silica Gel

Silica gel is well-known as a basic desiccant, often used for moisture control in scenarios and applications where humidity changes can cause moisture to re-evaporate and be released into the air as vapour or water droplets.

Friday July 16 2021

Our Leading Calcium Hydroxide Cure Additive Innovoh is Available Immediately

Rubber and plastics manufacturers are currently suffering a shortage of cure activation chemicals due to global supply chain delays – but thanks to our integrated supply chain, Innovoh is still available for immediate dispatch.

Thursday July 8 2021

BirchSorb Keeps Cargo Safe During Heavy Shipping Delays

Global shipping delays are now “extreme”, according to the British International Freight Association (BIFA), with a “staggering” 695 vessels being over a week late during the first quarter of 2021.

Monday July 5 2021

Protect Your Cargo from Moisture During Monsoon Season

For shipping routes passing through the southern hemisphere, South Asia’s monsoon seasons are a bi-annual event that can cause unprecedented damage to cargo if not planned and accounted for.

Tuesday June 29 2021

Atom Joins the Birch Chemicals Distribution Network

One of the top specialty and industrial chemicals distributor Atom is the latest addition to Birch Chemicals’ worldwide supplier network, with plans to supply the entire Birch Chemicals line – including powerful moisture control solutions like BirchSorb® Cargo.

Friday June 18 2021

Birch Chemicals Welcomes BirchSorb Distribution Partner, Bombay Chemical & Rubber

Birch Chemicals is delighted to announce that distribution partner Bombay Chemical & Rubber will now offer and supply BirchSorb as part of an ongoing relationship. Bombay Chemical & Rubber has been supplying industry-leading chemical and rubber products since 1971, serving the Asian market as a trusted source for high-quality solutions. Having been part of the […]

Monday June 7 2021

Petroleum Oil Shortages Affect the Rubber and Plastics Industry

Businesses and decision makers in the rubber and plastics industries are currently discussing how to approach the global shortage in petroleum oil and derived additives.

Friday June 4 2021

Why Are We Switching to Plant-Derived Additives?

Birch Chemicals is continuing our green journey as we begin to replace
petrochemical oil additives with plant-derived alternatives in all of our product ranges.