BirchSorb vs Silica Gel: Which is Better for Moisture Control?

Silica gel is well-known as a basic desiccant, often used for moisture control in scenarios and applications where humidity changes can cause moisture to re-evaporate and be released into the air as vapour or water droplets.

However, silica gel is not always the best moisture control solution for the job: how does our hyperdesiccant, BirchSorb, measure up?

BirchSorb is the world’s first hyperdesiccant, having been specifically designed and formulated for shipping journeys. Lasting up to 12 weeks, BirchSorb is suitable for a wide range of surfaces, including glass, fabric, wood, grains and more.

BirchSorb’s unique formulation contains multiple components designed to “lock in” moisture as its absorbed, with no chance for re-release during the journey.

What makes BirchSorb different from silica gel in practice is the amount of moisture it’s able to absorb. While silica gel is only able to absorb up to 27% of its own weight in moisture, BirchSorb is capable of absorbing up to 200% its own weight.

Because BirchSorb is able to absorb so much moisture, it’s possible to use less sachets, ultimately saving money while providing your cargo with the right amount of protection during its journey.

BirchSorb is available worldwide – and now comes with a free trial, giving businesses around the world the opportunity to find out why so many companies rely on it.

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