BirchSorb vs Calcium Chloride- Which is Better for Moisture Control During Shipping?

Calcium chloride is well-known across the shipping industry as a moisture control desiccant. Able to absorb up to 200% of its own weight, calcium chloride is an effective way to protect cargo from moisture during shipping journeys – but there are downsides to using it. How does our hyperdesiccant, BirchSorb, measure up to calcium chloride as a moisture control solution for shipping?

Calcium chloride becomes a salty, corrosive liquid when it comes into contact with moisture. Because of this, many calcium chloride-based products use either a moisture absorber like clay or starch or a drip tray within the pack to try to overcome this pitfall. However, both of these options can still release moisture back into the container in the form of corrosive liquid spills or re-evaporated humidity.

Clay and starch come with their own pitfalls – while they are able to absorb the corrosive liquid formed by calcium chloride, they are ineffective as dessicants, reducing the overall moisture control effect of the product.

Unlike calcium chloride-based products, BirchSorb’s specially formulated blend of chemicals react with moisture to “lock” it, forming a solid which prevents any chance of vapour or humidity being released back into the container.

Our studies show that BirchSorb is more effective than most calcium chloride products – meaning reduced costs along with zero risk.

BirchSorb is available worldwide – and now comes with a free trial, giving businesses around the world the opportunity to find out why so many companies rely on it.

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