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World-Leading Moisture Control
for Wave UnderlineShipping Containers

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BirchSorb hyperdesiccant is tailored specifically Blue Highlightfor shipping containers, with a controlled absorption rate capable of handling long shipping routes of up to 12 weeks - whilst absorbing three times its own weight in moisture.

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Why BirchSorb?

BirchSorb absorbs three times its own weight in moisture quickly and efficiently, with no chance of moisture re-release even in hot environments.


Absorbs more than
3x it’s own weight in


Reach and CLP-compliant

Trash Can

Safe to handle and can be disposed of with normal waste


Industry-leading cost efficiency


More effective than Silica Gel, Desiccated Clay and Calcium Chloride


Available worldwide through our global network

It’s more effective than Silica Gel, Desiccated Clay or Calcium Chloride while remaining cost-efficient to use, and it can absorb moisture from all kinds of different materials and surfaces, including food, powders, glass, fabrics, wood, grains and more.

What is Container Rain
and Blue HighlightWhy Does It Matter?

Each year 10% of products delivered around the world are damaged by repair by humidity and temperature changes creating what we call “container rain” - which causes mold, corrosion, peeling and destroyed packaging.

Throughout every voyage, temperature fluctuations will cause humidity as the air inside a shipping container cools. And it’s not just the air inside your shipping container that may contain moisture - cargo with a high fibrous construction, such as clothes, furniture and agricultural products, and many types of packaging material may also contain moisture which is released when the air cools.

Container rain is a complex mechanism, which depends upon many factors, including transit route, time of year and cargo packaging (cardboard and wood can absorb moisture and regulate atmospheric humidity).

There are three distinct phases to RH in container shipping.

Container rain is Blue Highlightmore likely to occur in phase one and three, as this is where the largest changes in RH and consequently, the formation of condensation occur.


Phase 1

Loading and handling before sailing


Phase 2

Time spent at sea during shipping


Phase 3

Delivery and offloading at the destination

BirchSorb Product

Container rain can be disastrous for a consignment, resulting in shipments being destroyed by moisture and fungus and replacement journeys being made. However, White Highlightthere is a solution.

Our unique formulation absorbs humidity from inside the container or packages and locks it away chemically in a solid matrix. Empirical evidence shows the blend of multiple active ingredients plus sophisticated packaging ensures exceptional moisture control in all three phases of the journey:-

Phase 1

Phase 1

Fast-acting components absorb moisture and begin to set in a solid matrix.

Phase 2

Phase 2

Moisture is chemically bound in an exchange between fast and slow-acting components and won’t release moisture back into the atmosphere.

Phase 3

Phase 3

Further moisture absorption capacity is realised as a result of the slow acting components and gives BirchSorb its extended life.

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Available Worldwide

Moisture control and desiccant solutions prevent the build-up of moisture in the air, effectively eliminating container rain at the source. However, while traditional moisture control products are often only effective for very short periods of time, BirchSorb features an innovative blend of chemicals designed specifically for long routes - making it powerful and long-lasting.

How Much Could Container
Rain Blue HighlightCost Your Business?

Is your business losing crucial revenue over container rain causing damaged, corroded or mouldy goods? Find out exactly how much you could save in lost profit by eliminating container rain from your shipping journeys.

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Get Complete Protection
for Your Entire Shipping Journey

Sometimes protecting your cargo from moisture damage and destruction requires the help of an expert. We’re committed to making sure you find the perfect moisture protection solution, with advice, technical support and product recommendations.

What Can You Use
BirchSorb For?

BirchSorb© can protect all cargo types from damage by humidity and moisture including:

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Formulating the Future

The Birch Chemicals Blue Highlightline leads the industry in high-quality, high-performance products - and we're committed to continuous innovation.

With a unique on-site integrated supply chain, we have complete control over every part of our formulation process, from the raw materials to the finished products. With stringent quality control, high-quality materials and state-of-the-art research and development, we’re dedicated to making every Birch Chemicals solution the best it can be.

Our Big HighlightSustainability Promise

Our social and sustainability values shape everything we do. Our award-winning safety procedures and plans have been consistently recognised on an annual basis by the Mineral Productions Association, along with garnering recognition from the European Aggregates Association and the Industrial Minerals Association.

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