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Don’t Let Damp


Your Leisure Vehicle

During winter storage, damp and humidity is one of the biggest risks to caravans, motorhomes and boats. Causing mould, mildew, rot to timber framework and rust to metal parts, damp caused by temperature changes and humidity during the colder months of the year is a major risk to your leisure home.

But there is a solution, with BirchSorb, our market-leading moisture control solution specifically designed to eliminate damp and humidity.

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And thanks to our global distribution network, BirchSorb is available worldwide now.

Introducing BirchSorb

Market-Leading Moisture Control for Caravans, Motorhomes and Boats

BirchSorb hyperdesiccant is tailored specifically to prevent condensation, humidity and damp, with a controlled absorption rate capable of handling long storage periods of up to 12 weeks - whilst absorbing three times its own weight in moisture.

Unlike traditional moisture control products, which are often only effective for very short periods of time, BirchSorb features an innovative blend of chemicals designed specifically for long periods of time - making it powerful and long-lasting.


Effective way to dehumidify your leisure home during storage or winter months


More effective than silica gel, desiccated clay or calcium chloride


Absorbs three times its own weight in moisture


Expert analysis and solutions tailor-made for you


Safe to handle and can be disposed of with normal waste

We’re Birch Chemicals, market-leading manufacturers of moisture control chemicals.

Who Are We?

We benefit from our own in-house supply chain, with the raw materials for much of our product range mined from our own quarry in the UK.

And thanks to the expertise of our in-house chemists and our dedicated Innovation Centre, we’re constantly finding new ways to create truly industry-leading products.


Lasts For Up To 12 Weeks

BirchSorb is tailored for moisture prevention - and unlike traditional moisture control, it lasts for up to 12 weeks.


Tailored To Stop Moisture

BirchSorb’s unique blend of chemicals makes it perfectly suited to controlling moisture and damp, with a powerful mix designed for long-lasting effects and easy dispersion.

BirchSorb Camping
BirchSorb Static Home

Absorbs 3X It’s Own Weight

BirchSorb absorbs up to three times its own weight in moisture, making it a powerful solution you can rely on to last.


Uninterrupted Global Supply

Thanks to our on-site facilities and global distribution network, BirchSorb is quick and easy to obtain - and we’re committed to making sure it always will be.

BirchSorb is available worldwide now via our global supplier network.

Blue HighlightImmediate Worldwide

BirchSorb Van

We have satisfied customers on every continent, with agents and distributors all over the world - and we also supply BirchSorb directly when distributors are unavailable.


Can be disposed of safely in general waste with no hazardous bi-product


Available for immediate order and delivery

Formulating the Future

The Birch Chemicals Blue Highlightline leads the industry in high-quality, high-performance products - and we're committed to continuous innovation.

With a unique on-site integrated supply chain, we have complete control over every part of our formulation process, from the raw materials to the finished products. With stringent quality control, high-quality materials and state-of-the-art research and development, we’re dedicated to making every Birch Chemicals solution the best it can be.

Our Big HighlightSustainability Promise

Our social and sustainability values shape everything we do. Our award-winning safety procedures and plans have been consistently recognised on an annual basis by the Mineral Productions Association, along with garnering recognition from the European Aggregates Association and the Industrial Minerals Association.

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