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Birchsorb hyperdesiccant™

Combat Container Rain with Moisture Control for Shipping Containers

Insurers estimate that 10% of goods shipped worldwide are damaged beyond repair by humidity and temperature changes creating what is known as “container rain”, causing mould, corrosion, peeling and destroyed or damaged packaging.

Birchsorb is long lasting and hyper efficient.

While traditional moisture control solutions do not last over the course of long shipping routes, leaving goods vulnerable to damage, BirchSorb hyperdesiccant™ is designed to last for up to 12 weeks.

Birchsorb outperforms its competitors.

BirchSorb™ is a unique moisture control solution for shipping containers - it absorbs three times its own weight in moisture quickly and efficiently, with no chance of moisture re-release even in hot environments. It’s more effective than Silica Gel, Desiccated Clay or Calcium Chloride while remaining cost-efficient to use - and thanks to our global network, it’s available worldwide.

We produce, refine, test and innovate all of our solutions on-site giving us optimum performance, industry-leading supply and delivery times, and unrivalled quality for every product in the Birch Chemicals line.

Why is BirchSorb™ the Best Moisture Absorber for Shipping Containers?

Birch Chemicals have been making World class moisture absorption products for over 20 years. Our products are used by leading companies and are proven to outperform competitors. BirchSorb will give you peace of mind by protecting your cargo and saving you money.

Lasts for 12 weeks

BirchSorb’s unique blend of chemicals makes it perfectly suited to controlling container rain, with a powerful mix designed for long-lasting effects and easy dispersion.

Prevents container rain

BirchSorb is tailored for container shipping - and unlike traditional moisture control, it lasts for the entire duration of long shipping routes.

Absorbs more than 3x its own weight

Birchsorb absorbs more than three times its own weight in moisture, making it a powerful solution you can rely on.

Uninterrupted Supply

Thanks to our on-site facilities and global distribution network, BirchSorb is quick and easy to obtain - and we’re committed to making sure it always will be.

What Can You Use BirchSorb™ For?

BirchSorb™ can protect all cargo types from damage by humidity and moisture including:

Paints and varnishes



Bulk packaged grains



Canned goods


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