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Non-Abrasive Chalk Filler
for Wave UnderlineRubber, PVC and More

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BirchCarb GCC calcium carbonate filler is a high-qualGreen Highlightity, non-abrasive filler that’s ideal for rubber, PVC, adhesives, epoxy compounds and more, with excellent temperature stability, low oil absorption and superior colour. Formulated for life-extending performance, BirchCarb’s ground calcium carbonate ingredients come with a high surface area and superior porosity - and it’s now available worldwide.

BirchCarb Sphere
BirchCarb Product

BirchCarb GCC

Ground Calcium Carbonate

BirchCarb Product

BirchCarb PCC

Precipitated Calcium Carbonate

Why BirchCarb?

Created from raw materials mined and produced on-site by our experts, BirchCarb has been painstakingly formulated to deliver high-quality, long-lasting results.


Better results thanks to BirchCarb’s low oil absorption rates


Completely free of abrasive flints for longer-lasting products

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Excellent colour and whiteness


Smooth particles of carefully controlled size distribution


Remains stable at a wide variety of temperatures


Superior temperature stability

Round, Smooth Particles with Industry-Leading Whiteness

BirchCarb is completely free of abrasive flints, with a smooth, round particle shape and soft consistency for longer lasting products your customers can rely on.

As BirchCarb remains stable at a variety of temperatures, and comes with low oil absorption rates, it’s well suited for a wide range of different applications - and its high brightness and excellent whiteness deliver industry-leading results.

Reduce Costs and
Green HighlightImprove Performance

BirchCarb improves molding productivity by decreasing cooling rate, along with serving as a replacement for white masterbatch thanks to its high whiteness and excellent colour.

BirchCarb’s fine, soft consistency also means that less can be used for the same high-quality results - making it the perfect choice for a cost-saving calcium carbonate filler.

But what makes BirchCarb truly stand out from the crowd is its exceptionally round particles, with no sharp edges and carefully controlled size distribution. 100% free of abrasive flints, BirchCarb is an ideal choice for a versatile filler for both rigid and flexible products.

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Food-Grade Applications

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Get Support from our Experts

Our team of chemicals experts are available to answer questions, provide advice and offer support before and after sale. Whether you’re not sure how much BirchCarb you need, want advice on using it for the best possible results, or have a question about the product, we’re here to help.

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BirchCarb For?

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Formulating the Future

The Birch Chemicals Blue Highlightline leads the industry in high-quality, high-performance products - and we're committed to continuous innovation.

With a unique on-site integrated supply chain, we have complete control over every part of our formulation process, from the raw materials to the finished products. With stringent quality control, high-quality materials and state-of-the-art research and development, we’re dedicated to making every Birch Chemicals solution the best it can be.

Our Big HighlightSustainability Promise

Our social and sustainability values shape everything we do. Our award-winning safety procedures and plans have been consistently recognised on an annual basis by the Mineral Productions Association, along with garnering recognition from the European Aggregates Association and the Industrial Minerals Association.

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