BirchSorb is proud to announce that a brand-new website, focused on meeting the needs of its commercial sector customers (namely, shipping, storage and fulfilment), is now live.

The website provides a quick and easy way to buy stock. It’s possible to order from BirchSorb’s hyperdesiccants and silica gel lines, with products available by the box (UK and Europe only). In addition, the new website is packed with information about this industry-leading absorber. Full product specifications and absorption information are available on the site to use as a reference when matching BirchSorb to your specific needs.

About BirchSorb: This hyperdesiccant from Birch Chemicals was specially formulated for exceptionally high performance when dealing with moisture issues. It can absorb upwards of 200% of its own weight, and chemically sets this moisture into a solid form, so there are no leaks or rerelease to deal with. BirchSorb lasts for a minimum of eight weeks and so is a cost-effective solution. It’s also very simple to install in whatever scenario.

Link to commercial site –

For more information please feel free to contact us at or call on 01652 686080.

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