Birch Chemicals has recently introduced a vital new assurance in its shipping program, designed to ensure the consistency and standardisation of quality. Supplying products in their intended state is essential for the seamless operation of any business, and so every single order we dispatch now contains the protective element Birchsorb®.

Birch Chemicals is working to establish a completely reliable and seamless supply chain – and therefore all suppliers who export products or raw ingredients to us should also use Birchsorb® within the shipments. The only way to guarantee quality across the board is by effective industry standardisation, and BirchSorb provides this to all links of the supply chain.

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About BirchSorb

Powder products can become damaged or even become active if the problem of moisture is not countered. BirchSorb® is the best possible method as it has been painstakingly developed to be highly effective. It is a market-leading hyperdesiccant specifically formulated as front-line resistance against moisture during shipping.

It works by ‘locking in’ the moisture it removes from the air, whether in shipping containers or in smaller shipments. There is no leakage, no re-evaporation – and therefore no re-release of humidity. BirchSorb® actively removes moisture across a range of temperatures – and at between -5º to 60º it is the widest on the market.

It can handle at least eight times its own weight, lasts for a minimum of eight weeks and can be used year round. BirchSorb® is approximately ten times as effective as any silica gel alternatives, and more effective than desiccated clay or calcium chloride products.

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