Once again, Birch Chemicals is proud to launch a ground-breaking product that sets new performance standards. Innovox MB is a unique granule formulation engineered to tackle moisture-related challenges during the processing of elastomeric compounds.

This revolutionary new Birch Chemicals product is delivered as a granule-based masterbatch composed of 80% of Birch’s industry-leading calcium oxide dispersed in 20% high-quality EPDM rubber.  This is particularly useful in open roller mixing systems, but also offers many advantages in enclosed mixers.

Competitor granules may contain inactive ingredients (such as oils and waxes) whereas Innovox MB is only calcium oxide and EPDM.

Innovox MB granules become an integral part of the rubber compound and guarantee a reliable solution for porosity, surface blisters and other moisture-related issues. Innovox MB is‌ packaged in 1kg low-melt sachets for consistent addition control and ensures super-fast mixing and exceptional dispersion with no dust, waste or spillage.

Innovox MB reduces costs and risk by allowing faster mixing time, increased output and lower energy demand whilst eliminating safety, environmental and quality problems.

“Using Innovox MB is a way for our customers to increase productivity, decrease operating costs and achieve zero quality failures,” says Steve Foster, Global Sales Director of Birch Chemicals.

“There can be health and safety issues with powders; therefore, binding desiccants into a granule-based masterbatch is the safest delivery method for the mixing process. We’re proud to launch this product, another example of our commitment to innovation and world-beating performance.”

Innovox MB is available in 1kg low-melt sachets (despatched in 20kg boxes) or as loose granules in 25kg bags. Innovox MB can be shipped worldwide directly or through our network of global Distribution Partners.

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