To ensure that 2023 gets off to the best possible start, Birch Chemicals is proud to present eight exciting new members of its Masterox family. These will join the already existing products in the industry leading Masterbatch range, and enhance Birch’s reputation for providing innovative solutions for the plastics industry.

Each of the eight new Masterox Masterbatch products has been developed for a different specific area of effectiveness during production process.

Masterox Antiblock: To ensure separation between layers of polymeric sheets or film (which can cause blocking during winding), Masterox Antiblock enhances and roughens surfaces.

Masterox Antioxidant: This stabiliser prevents thermal degradation and improves heat stability, processing and life span by inhibiting polymer oxidation during manufacturing or processing.

Masterox Optical Brightener: This product enhances whiteness and brightness in polymers.

Masterox Antistatic: Static charge build-up attracts dust and causes powder to bridge, film to cling and polystyrene to stick. Including Masterox Antistatic during the production process reduces static accumulation on polymer surfaces.

Masterox UV Stabiliser: UV radiation and oxygen in the air trigger decomposition process affects final appearance as well as mechanical and physical properties. Masterox UV Stabiliser absorbs UV and increases the life span of polymers.

Masterox Polymer Processing Aid: Melt fracture problems mean that LLDPE, LLDPE-rich blends and some resins are difficult to extrude. Masterox Polymer Processing Aid improves melt processability by reducing friction between the melt and the metal extrusion die.

Masterox BIO Filler: This 100% organic product is composed of calcium carbonate and bioplastic resin including plants and water, and can be used during extrusion or injection and blow moulding.

Masterox Transparent Filler: Poor transparency in films and plastics is a problem caused by low quality fillers, but Masterox Transparent Filler is high transparency and helps to produce a high quality finished product.

“We constantly innovate and develop with customer’s specific needs in mind, working towards the supply of essential practical solutions,” says Steve Foster, Managing Director of Birch Chemicals. “With these new versions of Masterox we believe we’re exceeding industry demand by providing exactly what manufacturers need. These eight new Masterox products ensure that quality is high and always reliable – and thus empower customers to improve production output.”

A free sample of each of the eight new Masterox products is available by contacting Birch Chemicals. To find out more please visit the Birch Chemicals website or alternatively contact Birch Chemicals directly on +44 (0) 1652 686 080.

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