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Rubber and Elastomers

World leading solutions for Rubber and Elastomer Applications

We supply a wide range of products to overcome common problems encountered when formulating EPDM rubber, FKM fluoroelastomer, silicone elastomers and many more in the following categories:

Desiccants for moisture control and porosity elimination.

Innovox calcium oxide is the leading moisture and porosity control solution for rubber and elastomers.

Used as a desiccant and acid scavenger in rubber and elastomer compounds, Innovox can contain moisture either from fillers incorporated in the formulation or by moisture absorption from high humidity environments.

Innovox is available as a range of pure or surface coated powders or granules for food contact, plasticiser, silicone and general applications.

Cure activator for FKM fluoroelastomers.

Innovoh is a superior performance calcium hydroxide powder for use in the EPDM rubber and polymer industries. Innovoh is used to promote cure and cross link activation and scavenge acids in bisphenol cured FKM fluoroelastomers.

Innovoh is available as a pure powder for FKM applications.


Birchset CR is specially formulated to overcome the adverse effects of using high doses of calcium oxide for moisture removal in rubber compounds. Birchset CR should be used in combination with Innovox to ensure optimum rubber characteristics in high moisture compounds.

In higher humidity environments, or where high moisture fillers are used, higher levels of Innovox addition may be required to overcome compound porosity. This can lead to reduced vulcanization or increased compression set values - but with the help of Birchset CR, you can eliminate these negative effects.

We produce, refine, test and innovate all of our solutions on-site giving us optimum performance, industry-leading supply and delivery times, and unrivalled quality for every product in the Birch Chemicals line.




Cure Activators


Cure Activators


Birchset CR


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